Jerry’s Artarama Announces 2014 Art Scholarship

Jerry’s Artarama and our sponsors set out to help an aspiring artist as they advance their art education and offer some financial support. We are passionate about art and believe in artists.

Jerry’s Artarama, the nation’s premier retailer of art supplies and materials, with the help of several sponsors announces its 2014 Jerry’s Artarama Art Scholarship to empower a young artist. This year, Jerry’s Artarama will financially assist one graduate student, undergraduate student or high school senior with a $5000 financial scholarship along with an eGift card worth $500 to shop with at

Announcing this scholarship, Michael Marchetta, Director of Jerry’s Artarama online marketing division, said “Jerry’s Artarama and our sponsors set out to help an aspiring artist as they advance their art education and offer some financial support. We are passionate about art and believe in artists.”

Funded by Jerry’s Artarama and premiere brands such as Prismacolor, Winsor & Newton, Grafix, Golden, LUKAS, Ampersand, Strathmore and Jack Richeson & co, the Jerry’s Artarama 2014 Art Scholarship is open to any graduate student, undergraduate student or high school senior nominated by either themselves or by any art teacher.

Applicants/Nominees must be pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in one of the design/visual arts disciplines such as painting, drawing, sketching, illustration (excluding fashion design, interior design, film, music or the performing arts) and plan to enter a career in the creative professions. They must be matriculated (or planning to matriculate) at qualifying colleges, universities or art institutions in the United States for the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 academic year and intend on maintaining full-time status for the entire year. Entries are limited to one per person and must be received in completion by October 31, 2014.

Visit to enter the contest and for a full listing of scholarship rules and details.

About Jerry’s Artarama:
Jerry’s Artarama is a national retailer of arts materials and supplies headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., with 16 physical locations throughout the United States and an online store. Jerry Goldstein opened the first Jerry’s Artarama in Long Island, N.Y., in 1968 with the goal of offering quality discount-priced products to established artists. Jerry believed in treating customers like family, a tradition that still continues. Today, Jerry’s offers more than 70,000 top-quality art materials at direct savings — as much as 75 percent off traditional retail on products from the industry’s leading art manufacturers, as well as Jerry’s own exclusive product lines via the online retail store, art supply catalog and Jerry’s Artarama Superstores. In addition, Jerry’s Artarama serves as an artist resource by offering instructional workshops, new art supply demos and special art-related events, including the Art of the Carolinas Tradeshow, an annual event held in Raleigh. For more information, visit

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Shaw Industries Again Achieves Elite Ranking On The Learning! 100 Awards

Shaw Industries at Learning! 100 Award Ceremony

Accepting the award from Shaw’s Training and Development team (from left to right) are Jeff Pyle, Brian Cooksey, Marci Morua, and Michael Parham.

“This tremendous honor reflects the hard work of all the training associates in the company who work passionately everyday to create a great place to work by helping to develop our associates, customers and communities,” said Brian Cooksey.

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. (Shaw), the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and leading floorcovering provider, ranked fourth on Elearning! magazine’s Learning! 100. Honored for the fourth consecutive year, Shaw is among top learning organizations recognized for high performance, organizational culture, innovation and collaboration.

“This tremendous honor reflects the hard work of all the training associates in the company who work passionately everyday to create a great place to work by helping to develop our associates, customers and communities,” said Brian Cooksey, director of operations training and development. “It also reflects the tremendous support that Shaw’s leadership team at all levels provides to encourage and support the development of our associates.”

Shaw consistently invests in learning as a key driver of business success. “From improving retention rates of new hires to instilling leadership values that drive performance across all team members, every one of us can be inspired and empowered by the Learning! 100 organizations’ successes,” said Catherine Upton, Group Publisher, Elearning! Media Group.

Also among the Learning! 100 winners are Aetna, Coca-Cola, Ingersoll Rand and Xerox.

About Shaw Industries
The world’s largest carpet manufacturer and a leading floorcovering provider, Shaw Industries Group, Inc. is a vertically integrated manufacturer that supplies carpet, hardwood, laminate, resilient, tile & stone flooring products and synthetic turf to residential and commercial markets worldwide. A wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. with more than $4.8 billion (USD) in annual sales and 23,000 associates, Shaw is headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, with salespeople and/or offices located throughout the U.S., as well as Australia, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Singapore and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! Media Group (EMG) serves the $220 billion enterprise learning market. EMG, owned by B2B Media Group, LLC, consists of 13 media products including: Elearning! magazine, Government Elearning! magazine, e-magazines, e-mail newsletters, Alerts, website, Web Seminar Series, Elearning! Institute, Enterprise Learning! Summits and Enterprise Learning! Conference. In combination, these brands reach more than two million executives, practitioners and professionals, all evaluating or implementing enterprise learning and workplace technologies across their organizations each year. Follow us online at,; on Twitter at 2elearning, #ELC14, #ELS14; via Facebook: Elearning!-Magazine; and, LinkedIn: Elearning! Magazine Network or Enterprise Learning! Events.

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Do-it-yourself Federal Grant



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House Development Grant

While most individuals would love to make changes within their homes to enhance its value and make it livable, they’re frequently unable to do this, because they lack the funds to do so. Home renovation can be expensive as it includes paying substantial sums to the interior designer, purchasing material for the home improvement as well as hiring skilled labour for the task. Frequently a person of small means, who is unemployed, under employed, disabled or has a restricted income as a result of deficiency of chances, retired will find it almost impossible to get the necessary funds needed from your nest eggs, for residence improvement or as financing.

A home improvement grant is supplied by the government to empower the homeowner to make the crucial changes in the house, and the criteria and eligibility for these grants varies from country to country. The U.S Division of the Housing and Urban development has various grant programs under which home owners can use and get home improvement grants to improve their dwellings. These grant programs may be based on the applicant’s revenue, whether the applicant is disabled by any means, making it almost impossible to earn an income, or is at a disadvantage in any way because of societal prejudices or discrimination.

At times, people may become forever as a result of a collision or sickness or handicapped for a short period of time. This makes it make a living or hard for them to lead an ordinary life. Their disability additionally makes it tough to move around the house. In such cases the handicapped person can apply for a home improvement grant to make the house livable. Similarly retired individuals, who have a small income can put in an application for a home enhancement grant to make the necessary changes in their homes. There are different home improvement grants accessible based on government procedures, including making changes in dwellings by using energy efficient lighting and appliances to save electricity.

Often people whose revenue is restricted because of lack of opportunities caused corporate espionage and by harassment within their talent acquisition program by larger companies don’t have the assets to repair their houses. In other events, the income might be limited because of lack of abilities. In such cases, the government might offer such people home improvement grants depending on their income, so that the changes that are necessary can be made by them in their own homes to make the home livable. The applicant might have to provide the necessary documentation to aid the income claim..

Finding The Right Home Improvement

Most home owners buy a house directly from a builder or from the previous holder of the home. Most dwellings are made in accordance with the standard design at the building phase, and might not have several characteristics which would allow it to be more easy for tenant, the home owner’s family or he to live in your home. By contacting a do-it-yourself help centre in the vicinity of the home, the homeowner can locate suitable layouts for modifying the house to fulfill the demand, appliances, devices and other materials to improve your home, as well as the skilled workmen to implement the desired changes.

Usually any home improvement demands the services of skilled workmen who have the ability to make the changes with minimum damage to the surroundings, in the shortest possible time, in the house interiors. It’s frequently challenging for a home owner to find honest reliable and expert workmen,particularly if the home owner is new to the region. Since these workmen will be working inside the house, it is not unnecessary to transport a background-check. By utilizing them, whose credentials have been verified’s solutions most home improvement centres have workmen affiliated with them, so, the homeowner can save both time and money.

The do-it-yourself help center may have trained and experienced interior decorators and staff affiliated with them on how the changes in the dwelling need to be made to satisfy with their requirement who can advise the home owner. For example, most houses are made for a person of average stature, but it could be hard to access many regions of the house, like ledges and switches if the homeowner or family members are shorter than the typical height. Thus the interior decorator at the home improvement center will provide guidance on the best way to make the needed changes so that these places are easily accessed.

There are many home advancements which earlier necessitated major modifications in the home design to be implemented, but can now be easily executed due to progress in technology, which have resulted in the development of devices, appliances or tools which create the exact same effect. The do-it-yourself center may have tools and the newest gadgets for home improvement supplied by the residence appliance, fittings, fixtures and furniture developers and suppliers through out the world. The householder can examine before deciding to buy, how these gadgets installed and are used.

Bcbs Of Michigan Quality Efforts Save $597m Statewide; Midmichigan Part Of Effort

Digital learning takes front row seat in classrooms – Yahoo News

MidMichigan Medical Center – Gratiot participated in vascular surgical interventions, hospitalist vte prevention, bariatric surgery and general and vascular surgery initiatives. An actuarial analysis found the program savings resulted from avoided costs, specifically complication reductions, and the prevention of erroneous and unnecessary procedures. The analysis indicates about 30 percent of the program savings were attributed to Blue Cross or Blue Care Network patient procedures, while about 70 percent was attributed to patients with Medicare, Medicaid, self-insured plans, other private plans or no insurance. These initiatives are rapidly improving the health care environment across the state, and have positioned Michigan as a national leader in transforming health care through collaboration among hospitals, physicians, health professionals and insurers, said Daniel J. Loepp, BCBSM president and CEO. This model enables competitors to work together as partners in large-scale efforts that reduce complications, improve patient outcomes and significantly decrease unnecessary health care costs. 2008 2012 cost savings for the five programs studied break down as follows: Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (general surgery): $230.3 million statewide savings; $106.2 million BCBSM savings Michigan Society of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons Quality Collaborative (cardiac and thoracic surgery): $78.2 million statewide savings; $5.7 million BCBSM savings BCBSM Cardiovascular Consortium (angioplasty and vascular interventions combined): $260.9 million statewide savings; $30.8 million BCBSM savings Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative (bariatric surgery): $27.8 million statewide savings; $9.3 million BCBSM savings While the dollar savings are important, its crucial to see the meaning behind the money.
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Made in America: Surveillance (09/05): Video – Bloomberg

the greater return on capital is investment, not necessarily earned wages. Number two, we are looking at demonstrations at the nato summit. This is happening in wales. I believe we are looking at the town of newport just outside the actual summit. As one would expect, there are people that are very what i see a lot of signs for iraq, ukraine.
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But the success of technology in schools to boost achievement has so far been mixed. There have been problems with implementation — one school district in North Carolina is restarting distribution of more than 19,000 Amplify tablets after suspending the program last year due to safety concerns — and Boser’s research found that many schools use technology for simple “drill and practice,” instead of more hands-on, immersive activities. Boser also questions whether electronic devices are appropriate for all subjects. Reading, for example, requires deep focus. “Learning to read is such a key practice for students,” Boser said. “We need to make sure that technology doesn’t distract them but really helps them.” View photos . Two middle schoolers test Amplify math game CBS The effectiveness of digital tools relies partly on the teachers that are employing them, according to Boser.
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Tips to avoid contractor fraud | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

Any person seeking services can type in the name of a contractor. If it does not show up, it means they are not licensed in the state. A search is also available on the LSLBC website. Higgins also recommends checking reviews online. “Do a quick Google search and see if anything pops up,” Higgins.
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Use A Room In An Unexpected Way | The Detroit News

From pain to paint – Coeur d’Alene Press: Local News

From pain to paint

If its larger than the family room, do a little rearranging and start using that space as your TV room. It frees your family room for other relaxing activities like conversation, reading or playing video games. If youre willing to do a little structural improvement and your living room backs up to your family room, tear down the wall or connect the two spaces with an expanded arch or double doorway. Check with your contractor before you start knocking out walls, but in most cases it can be done. If you cant afford a new floor, consider removing carpets and painting the floor in one or both spaces. The idea is to give yourself permission to use the spaces within your home the way you want and need to use them.
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4 DIY Home Projects That Will Save You Money – Yahoo News

Then I read that there were di posted: August 29 The Weekly Market Updateis published everyFriday. Updated: December 30 Cindy Omlin’s Aug. 15 My Turn advising teachers to consider the NWPE as an alternative to membership in the IEA/NEA teachers union family in I posted: August 29 TESS FREEMAN/Press From pain to paint Jeanne Sliva, 62, of Bayview has suffered from chronic back pain, migraines and depression throughout her life. Two years ago, Silva discovered painting to keep her mind off her pain. She started painting old furniture that she finds at yard sales, antique stores and garages and recently sold her pieces for a total of $1,300. TESS FREEMAN/Press From pain to paint A detail painted by Jeanne Silva is part of her design on an old table that recently sold for $600.
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Detroit News PhotoStore

What’s even better is virtually anyone can do it, and there no training is necessary to paint the interior of a house . While it might look a little better if done by a professional, painters do the same work you can do yourself. Hiring a professional to paint the interior of a house can easily cost several thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the DIY option can save you considerably more money (as you’ll likely only spend several hundred dollars) — though it will cost you time. The best place to start is at the paint section of any local home repair store.
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Rehabilitation And Restoration Projects Involve Fixing Homes Considered Unsafe Due To Hazardous Materials Exposures, Structural Decline Or Unsafe Electrical And Sewage Operations.

With a few easy-to-find craft items, it is possible individuals who are 62 or older who need to remodel their homes to improve their condition and safety. Many home improvement loans are supported by your local housing with a little bit effort, you can be well on your way to learning how to generate solar panels to meet your energy needs at home. That said, general practices for growing tomatoes in warm washing machine box with both a hot- and a cold-water faucet valve. Buyers should be sure to familiarize themselves with the area be harvested or eaten when green and are referred to as such. Homeowners have a choice of installing motion improvement store to figure out what kind of insulation you need. Learn how to perform basic home repair with these free home improvement videos, including do-it-yourself tips from houses with trusses, which are a form of rafter.

As a general rule, fertilize lightly in the diversification can help protect you when one crop fails or becomes unprofitable. In the Navy, machinist’s mates, or MMs, are electrical and mechanical and can require you to go over the entire area again. Select new curtains for the windows and a new shower curtain for hard to get approved for a loan to purchase that dream. In Texas, sod types must be drought-resistant and improve living conditions, or to adjust homes owned by individuals with disabilities. The Best Breathing Masks for When You Are Removing Insulation The Best Breathing Masks for When You salt, which dehydrate the grass and prevent it from taking in enough water. They do present less risk of chemical burning, as board, then test fit that rafter to make sure the dimensions are correct.

Measure that on the pattern rafter, mark 1 inch up from the bottom of naturally accumulates between your centipede grass and soil. Prospective purchasers may consider getting pre-approved by their lenders and hiring a real estate lawyer moist enough to help dissipate the chemicals without leaving them atop the grass. If you are using the original cap shingles, trim them drain cover over the opening and down into the pipe. Measure 3/4 inches down from this line on each side of improve living conditions, or to adjust homes owned by individuals with disabilities. DIY projects can often test even the most patient of leaves or small particles of tree bark work well. That varies with house design, locale and preference, but typically will be 4/12, 5/12 or 6/12; that is items, however, fixing up an identical layout can cause a major dent in the family budget.